3D Modeling and Animation Degree |Career and Courses|

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3d modeling and animation is very demanding career opportunity in the digital world. Develop skills  of modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation is future also bright in this field.  

When you play games and watch high graphics movies you observe that sense are created by graphics and, in this time, if you playing online games like pubg etc, so you experience of their graphics and the every character and 3d environment in the game is the possible of 3d modeling and animation.

So, in 3d modeler job you need to create 3d modeling and animation in the 3D environment and perform movement in 3D environment.

3D Modeler job Skills

3D Modeling and Animation Degree |Career and Courses|

If you know or have the basic knowledge of 3d modeling and animation and if you are creative person and love creative work and observation and drawing. you have this kind of skills so you are the best in the 3d modeling and animation domain.


when you want to go in this field so start learning 3d modeling and animation as part-time in the graduation time and if you want to become a professional 3d modeler so in my opinion do a professional course of 3d modeling and animation degree. Where you learn graphics, 3d animation and VFX all the course.

When you shift in 3d modeler course, first you learn software interface and modelling and then step by step you learn 3d modeling and animation. In this field depends on you that how much time you will give your skill development.

3D Modeling Software

There are a lot of software but a few 3D modeling software which is demand is very high in the market is 3DS MAX and MAYA from Autodesk, ZBrush. ZBrush is very use in sculpting and user interface is very simple. blender is also use in 3D modelling and other software which you want to learn.


If you are fresher so need to learn at list 3D MAX and Maya and ZBrush which mainly use in 3d modeler job and if you know these skills and you find 3d modeling jobs for freshers so you easily get a job in 3D modeling studio.

Types of Modeling

3D modeling is used in different fields likes like gaming, 3D architecture, environments or animation. There is most important field is character modeling where 3d modeler works on each details of character. It’s totally depends on which field modeling require and animation or 3D effects because their usage area is very weird and increase in future.


If you start your curer in this field so my recommendation to go with professional course where you learn 3D max, Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop which also important in 3D modelling. This cource is price wary with 50,000 to 1,50,000 Indian rupees. After theat you will be certified and apply for any 3d modeler job.

Job opportunity:

3d modeling and animation requirement in all the digital market, mobile games to Hollywood movies and different advertisement to app development where digital communication is require. So job opportunity is very weird.

In this field starting salary is low but when your experienced then your opportunity will bi higher. The best position in this field is character designer and starting salary is also high.

If you have a skill so 3d modeler also work as a freelancer and sell our models in the internet. I will share a link where a lot of skilled artist sell their models.   

When you search a lot of 3d modeling jobs in Mumbai, 3d modelling jobs in Bangalore, 3d modelling jobs in Kolkata and many more tears 2 or 3 city are available.

3D architecture is a different field where mostly requirement of AutoCAD and REVIT skilled jobs. this software’s mostly use in 3D architecture.