How to 3d printing on fabric or Clothes at Home

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3d print directly on fabric. this is a very cool method and I tell you now step by step what I did to make these cool t-shirts.

I use NinjaTek to print on fabric and this is most flexible filament for the fabric printing. 3D printing on fabric or cloths is possible and I think it looks cool and you can create your t-shirts and your designs.

I give the best by link of this super flexible ninjatek filament.

for the beginning I just choose some basic logos or text to print this on my shirts, of course, we have to make some preparations because think about our nozzle is something about 200 degrees and this can destroy your fabrics so it’s very important to make a new bed levelling if you want to print on fabric.


step 1: placed fabric on the 3D printing Pad

the first step put the fabric on the pad level the nose gets it a little bit higher than it should so you have security that the nozzle won’t hit the fabric.

How to 3d printing on fabric or Clothes at Home
placed fabric on the 3D printing Pad

step 2: Selecting logos best for 3D printing

the next step will be finding some logos and I will show you now when you find a logo how you can put it into 3D printing software and then print it on your fabric

so, the easiest way for the beginning will find some black and white logos because this is then very easy to put the file into 3D printing software and directly print it without any further preparations of the file.

Selecting logos best for 3D printing
Selecting logos best for 3D printing

if you have your logo go to your 3D printing software, for example, the Star Trek logo open it and then the software will ask you-

How to 3d printing on fabric or Clothes at Home
  • what will be the height of this damage – I think the best will be something about one 0.4 and 0.6 think about 0.2 is one layer and I had the best results by giving the printer time and maybe print at least two layers. but I will leave it at 0.6 so that means the printer will print three layers.
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  • the most important point at this point and for this I will choose darker is higher so everything black inside this image will be higher than the white one so just choose darker is higher.
  • also very important print this in 100% with 100% in film and also my opinion very important turn off the heat back I printed all my shirts without having the heat bed on so I have no idea but probably this can destroy also your fabric but it works perfectly without the heat bed so just turn off the heat back.

step 3: Starting 3D printing

 just put file it on your SD card and you can starts the printer for printing.

How to 3d printing on fabric or Clothes at Home
Starting 3D printing

step 4: Final Makeup

the final step you can do is after printing this just using the iron and using a wax paper and then I ran the shirt and this will at the end combine the peel a better with the fabric and give it at the end a better hold so this is also an option you can do.

this was Cool and it wasn’t so hard as I expected it works cool. If you using PLA and Abs  filament for printing, was still a maybe not the best choice but this is something we all have and is the best flexible filament we will print with maybe the next version will be something was flexible filament this is maybe more washable.

I did write a post a few days ago about the What Is 3D Printing?FDM 3D Printing TechnologyTop 3 3D Printing Materials and if you haven’t read that, it’ll give you good info about the 3D printing.