That’s exactly what I did. I was invited thrice to speak in the foreign internship guidance session at the Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi, my alma mater, after my successful stint as an intern in France.

I would be repeating the same tips that worked for me again and again. The audience would ask a few questions on the spot. However, once I was back in the campus hostel, I would be flooded with questions from my juniors on Facebook , email and Instagram.

Over time, the number of readers grew and many of them would comment or mail me addressing their queries. That gave me the fodder for the next blog post. Every time, a few people asked me the same question, it became a blog post.

So, for each student and viewer can connect to me that’s why I created this website.

Over time, this website garnered an audience because the content resonated with the dilemma of many students.

I envision ‘Treemech’ to be a resourceful educational website fabricated out of my personal experience and knowledge.

The Web Niche

‘Treemech’ is an Tech website that publishes contents regarding career, tech problems and design skill-building, and life hacks like financial planning and budget travel as a student. Currently, I am working to create learning resources in design engineering , a field I am quite passionate about. This website strives to answer a student’s dilemma and aims to clear the haze that blurs your vision to see a smarter version of you.

Cad surver

Founder, treemech