2020 AutoCAD Free Download – is there free full version?

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Hi guys! In this article I am going to explain how to legally download and install AutoCAD for free. Autodesk AutoCAD is a professional software used to create and preview CAD drawings, such as architectural projects, 2D plans and 3D buildings. if you want to know more about engineering software visit hear.

AutoCAD was introduced in 1982 and We could create only Lines , Circles , Arcs , Texts and Dimensions, using which we could create only two dimensional drawings But since then this software has undergone several changes, Some of the changes were evolutionary and some change we call as revolutionary each change was made for the betterment of the user and as well as to facilitate easy work flow

Most of us are bit reluctant to accommodate these changes Because old habits die hard, I have seen several people using the latest versions of AutoCAD as if they are using the older versions, Still sticking to the same command set and Practices. It is just like using a smart phone only for calling & messaging applications Without exploring its full potential but with this simple procedure you will be able to install AutoCAD legally as a free trail for 3 years in Mac and windows both, as long as you will not use it for commercial purposes, only for training and teaching. If you need it for a company, for example, you can still purchase it from the website. One more thing, both free trial versions are the same, the only difference is that this one, has a label on the top that says: “Educational Version”.

2020 AutoCAD Free Download - is there free full version?

AutoCAD free Download (Student Version)

In this article I am going to explain how to legally Autocad free download and install for 3 years free trail pack.

if you are enrolled in a University, you can get a licence, for educational purposes, and use AutoCAD for 3 years.

This process is very easy and what you need to do is, go to the official website of Autodesk set up an account and add some personal details.

  • Once you are going to the official website of Autodesk
  • in the section of free software, go to create an account by clicking in this button. Of course, if you already have an account, you can simply “sign in”.
  • After clicking in create account, go to the section where you have to insert the country where you have studies.
  • Even most countries are displayed in this list, some of them are not here because they are not covered by Autodesk for free trail software.
  • Below, you have to insert your educational role, that means if you are a student, a teacher, or a member of the administration.
  • Finally, you put the date of birth, and click “Next”.
  • Here, are your personal details: your name, e-mail and password. When you are ready, click in “agree to the terms” and create account.
  • When is finished, you have to go to e-mail account to check for a verification?  
  • After the completion the verification There is still another section to fill in First, you insert the name of your educational institution, then, the area of study, and the date you expect you will graduate.
  • Then click “next” and your account was finally activated, click on continue, and you will be redirected to the page I was before where you can download AutoCAD or another software from Autodesk.
  • Their option is available for download both Mac and Windows and procedure s mostly similar and easy for Mac and Windows.  
  • You will click “download now” for installing AutoCAD, and then, in this side, choose one of the latest versions for example AutoCAD 2020. Then, the operating system: Windows 64-bit and then the language.
  • Before continuing, keep with you the serial number and product key just in case you have to insert them later.
  • To start downloading, click here in “install now”.
  • Then, download the setup of installation, click in “I accept” to continue and choose where you want to save the file.
  • Then wait until the download is finished.

Installing AutoCAD

  • When the download is finished, open the setup that I have just downloaded. After few moments, arrive to this screen, Hear the option to install additional tools, But If you are a beginner, I think AutoCAD should be enough for now.
  • When installation should be finished and when it is ready, you can launch the program by clicking in this button Then, you might be asked to insert the serial number you got before from the website.

features of AutoCAD

Here I’m going to mention a few of the applications for which AutoCAD is being used:-

  • Architectural drawings of all kinds.
  • Interior designs on facility planning.
  • Drawing drafting isometric pattern and 3D tools for professional work.
  • Drawings for Electronics, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Automotive, Constructions and Aerospace engineering applications.
  • Theater set lighting designs.
  • Line drawing for the Fine Arts, Textiles, Fashion and Dress designing.

AutoCAD tutorial starting tutorial for beginner

Autodesk AutoCAD is a professional software used to create and preview CAD drawings, such as architectural projects, 2D plans and 3D buildings.

Hear I told its very basic features, in order to get started quickly.

Get Started : When opening AutoCAD, you will be directed to the Start tab, showing several sections: use Get Started to start with a new document, or open an existing one by going to Open Files.

Recent Documents : Recent Documents lists all the latest AutoCAD projects you have worked on.

Notifications panel : The Notifications panel keeps you updated with the latest news from Autodesk.

new project : In order to see how to use AutoCAD, let’s just start with a new project by clicking on Start Drawing. At this point, a new tab called Drawing 1 opens, showing the full AutoCAD workspace.

This is composed by several parts:

  • Top : on top you have several tools to edit and preview your drawings
  • Centre : on the centre, a big preview on your current drawings.
  • Bottom : at the bottom and on the right, you have additional features.

In this tutorial, we are going to see only the default workspace, but you can change to others by clicking on the small button at the very top.

Also, if you don’t find some panels, remember that you can reopen them by going to the View tab on top.

start drawing in 2D with AutoCAD

Draw section :

All the tools to draw and edit a 2D project are contained inside the Draw section on top, under the Home tab. You can check each tool by hovering on these for some time, getting some more help and instructions on how to use these.

Furthermore, some of these tools present a small white arrow. If you click on it, you will show other tools related to the one interested above.


Use the Line or the Polyline tool to draw basic lines and segments. On the empty space, click once to fix the first point, and click once again to fix another point, in order to place the first segment. So, you can go on clicking on the workspace to place other segments sharing the last fixed node. Use the Escape key to stop drawing.

line autocad

Circle :

Use the Circle tool to draw circles, by fixing the first point to fix its centre, and another to fix its radius.

circle autocad

Arc :

Use the Arc tool to draw arcs, by fixing three points on the workspace. In particular, there are several ways to draw circles and arcs, all contained inside their white arrow on top. Choose the proper tool depending on what you need case by case. There are also several tools used to draw closed 2D shapes.

arc autocad

Rectangle :

Use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle by fixing two points.

Polygon :

Use the Polygon tool to draw a regular polygon. Type the total number of sides first, apply with the Enter key, and fix two points by choosing any option in the list.

Ellipse :

Use the Ellipse tool to draw ellipses, by fixing three points. and several useful information on it.

Ellipse  autocad

Units :

while drawing a segment, and several useful information on it. For example, while drawing a segment, AutoCAD shows its angle with respect to the horizontal direction, and the total segment length. By default, angles are measured in decimal degrees, and the sides in decimal units. Indeed, this is not a fixed unit: you decide which is equal to the basic decimal unit, such as one millimetre, one meter, or one kilometre. To regulate the measurement units to use, just type UNITS below, and use the Enter key.

Shortcut features

While drawing, you can insert the exact length value on the current side by typing directly from your keyboard, and applying with the Enter key. Remember that the object is placed when you fix enough points for it. To undo your drawing in progress, just use the Escape key. Also, when you finish drawing, the current tool is disabled. You can enable and use it again by pressing the Enter key.

To enable one of the latest tools recently used, use the Up-Arrow key to browse for it, and the Enter key to enable it.

Snapping :

Inside AutoCAD you can draw objects more precisely and easily by using the snapping. In the bottom right corner, you have several icons. If you enable SNAPMODE, you will snap to the intersection points of the project grid. If you do not need it, just click on its icon to disable it. You can also snap to drawings by enabling Object Snap. You can snap to several objects’ points, depending on the ones chosen from the list next to Object Snap.

Points :

The points are well represented through green markers: endpoints through squares, centres through circles, midpoints through triangles, and intersections between objects through crosses.


if you need to draw by following the horizontal or the vertical directions, you can try the ORTHOMODE feature.

When you don’t use any tool, your pointer is in selection mode, used to check and edit all the drawings made inside your project.

To cut or copy the selected object, just use CTRL+X and CTRL+C. To paste the object, use CTRL+V, and click on your workspace to place it.