How to develop Design Engineers software Skills 2020

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Hello gays,In this article “How to develop Design Engineers software Skills 2020” tell about the very major curiosity of a mechanical, automobile and aerospace engineer is how to develop design engineer software skills .

Design Engineers software Skills: Course

How to develop Design Engineers software Skills 2020

First you know your Currier area, and if you know the Currier area in design field so the second important thing is to select the steps which is manage your time and improve your skills too.

First, I give the over view of all the design engineer software skills and then go next for particular one and know more their steps, right time, advantages and what foundation require to develop a design engineer software skills.

design domains

If someone interested in design component, creative mind design interesting 3D-parts and 3D-models and bring them to life so best recommendation is to go with design domains.

computational fluid dynamics

many students are best in fundamentals of mathematics, physics, thermal & fluid dynamics and always interested with design component and their behind thermal or fluid dynamics, then you should try computational fluid dynamics


FEA or structural analysis

If your structural analysis and strength of material is very strong and always curries for different structural component strength and forces are act in the component, so this thing are coming in FEA or structural analysis.

multi-body dynamics or vehicle dynamics

In the mid of engineering student interest is developed in robotics design and development and also many students starting aim in mechanical engineering is to go with robotics.


if you interested in steering kinematics, wheels, and suspensions design, then something you need to look into multi-body dynamics or vehicle dynamics.

cad software development 

If you are interested in programming and you want to pursue this skill in mechanical engineering so there is particular domain which is work in the development of mechanical engineering software’s or cad software development.     

EV (electric vehicle) design

And at the last of design list if you are good knowledge of electronics component, circuits design or designing of electric and electronic component there is an EV (electric vehicle) design domain.

So, there are 5 domain which you can chose when you want to go in design field and RND or product development field.

Design Engineers software Skills : stage

How to develop Design Engineers software Skills 2020

Stage 1: solid and surface modelling

If you interested in design field and want to explore that aspect so design is the fundamentals which is solid modelling and surface modelling.

Solid modelling

any component which is solid basically have a length, breadth and Hight and enough volume. All the common component which you see in daily life is solid.

Surface modelling

it is the exterior surface of any component like your car, there exterior surface how it finishes is called surface modelling.

So, this are the basics of design and at this step you should learn solid and surface modelling. There a lot of software are available and all are same work but some Kinde of theirs interface are different.

You need not learn all the software because all are same and one software is enough for solid and surface modelling.

Stage 2: Sheet metal and plastics

Sheet metal is the structural component and it provide strength of your design. If you saw manufacturing of a car their structural body without paint is the example of sheet metal.

And there a lot of use of plastics in automobile industry because it is chipper, durable and there strength is matching in the automotive requirement.

So there also software available like Catia v5 or NX cad which is popular in market and also industry are require this software skills.

Stage 3: GD&T (geometric dimensionless and tolerance’s)       

At the last stage you require that how to define your particular drawing. This are basically done by using symbols of planes and tolerance stack up are those skill you learn in GD&T.

Stage 4: analysis

In this stage you can learn little bit of analysis or understanding of flow simulation and mold work.

Then you go with CFD and FEA to fulfill as a product development engineer.

So, if you are a fresh engineer who wants to get into a design engineer this is the pathway that you need follow.